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Why Us?

That's a good question indeed. Today, there are so many shopping sites in the internet, some are very good and reliable while others are not worth of you trust.
My name is Shmuel, as you may read all the official details here.
I opened a military equipment store in Tel Aviv in the year of 1992 and since then I have been working constantly with soldiers. I've established this shop because of my true passion to the Israeli army and anything connected with the Israeli forces. I like to be updated with every new detail. There are so many changes all the time from the structure of an old division, to a change of a unit logo or a pin. If you like to be informed of these changes as well and you have the same collecting passion as I, I'm sure you would enjoy my Israeli Forces web site. Some of the items in my site would not be for sale, but you would still be able to observe them to your enjoyment, but about the items that are indeed for sale, I know this is a very delicate matter. I'm aware of the fact that paying through the internet may be difficult sometimes. I'm not talking only about long and frustrating procedure, but also about mental difficulty to grant your trust to somebody you don't know. I'm proud of my 40 years experience of selling and costumer service since I opened my first shop in 1966.
Through the years I've learned that the most important things in the selling business are trust and honesty. I try to make the order procedure easy and fun, while you search through our enormous variety of products. The prices you would find in this web-site are probably the lowest on the web, and the quality of the products is the highest you can get. In addition to that, this Web Site is stored in a secured and protected server that guarantees a safe purchase.
For as long as you collect the amazing items connected to the Israeli Forces, I promise to be an easy and cheap source to get your wishes granted.
I hope you will enjoy your visit in The Israeli Forces.

Shmuel Amit.

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