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"Package has been shipped and reached into my possession thank you very much"

Jacob Weingardt, Northbrook, Illinois, United States (3/9/2019)

"Hi Igal
I just wished to say thank you for your great service. My kit arrived this morning and I am very pleased with it. I intend to volunteer with the IDF in September this year (Sar-El scheme). This product was purchased for this reason.

Kind regards Bern

Bernard Kelly, Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, United Kingdom (3/25/2019)

"Shalom Igal,

I would like to confirm that I have received my order in good condition!
Have a great Purim!

With regards,

Jan Bekkenk, Papendrecht, Netherlands (3/21/2019)

"Hi there,
My order has wel been dispatched today by post. Perfect as usual.
Tks vm.
Best Regards,


René Sempels, Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium (3/13/2019)

I just received your shipment perfectly. Sure I will make other purchases in a little bit of time.
Best regards.

Antonio Martín de Eugenio Sánchez. Barcelona - Spain. (3/10/2019)


The Belgian post office delivered my order today. Everything was as expected as usual.


Rané Samples, Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium (2/9/2019)

"Shalom Igal Amit

Have received the parcel today, I was extremely happy with the items sent; hope to do more business with you all in the future.

With Thanks,

Gregory Savchuk, Bruthen, Australia (2/26/2019)

"I just received the pins.


Lewis Lieberman, Randolph, Masschusetts United States (2/17/2019)

"Jom tov Igal Amit,
An hour ago I took your delivery at the customs.
(German customs.... no words:-D)
Now I've checked the delivery and everything is correct.
The things are GREAT. I'm so happy.
Thank you for offering!
Best regards, enjoy the weekend.
Shabbat shalom,
Yours Sebastian Krei.

Sebastian Krei, LÜNEN, Germany (2/15/2019)

"Shalom Igal Amit,
Thank You for replying to my email and giving an update on my order it is greatly appreciated.
With Thanks,

Gregory Savchuk, Bruthen, Australia (2/12/2019)

"Hi there,

Just to let you know that I received the order today delivered by post.
All was fine.

Have a nice day.

Rané Samples, Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium (1/9/2019)


Received my cap this morning... Im very excited!!!
Ready to take out some PLO fuckers, myself.

Offending SNOWFLAKES since 2014


JIMMY HADDER, Boise, ID, United States (8/3/2018)


Just letting you know, slings came in and they look great! Thank you for the Para cord as well! These are better then the original ones I used to get. No plastic, everything metal and the clips are stronger.

Brandon Schaap, Holland, MI, United States (4/25/2018)

"Hello Igal,I want to confirm that I have received my order in good condition.
With regards,
Jan Bekkenk


Jan Bekkenk, Papendrecht, Netherlands (4/22/2018)

"Received! Everything came exactly as I ordered it exactly when you said it would. Thanks so much!
Chag Sameach!

Antar Davidson De Sá, Tucson, AZ, United States (2/28/2018)

"I finally got it and it looks beautiful

Thank you

Yitzchok Einhorn, Spring Valley, NY, United States (2/21/2018)


All 4 berets are arrived, thank you!

You can see them on face book

International Defense Forces private collection


Godfried Stoop

Godfried Stoop, Tilburg, Netherlands (2/2/2018)

Got the items yesterday. Great stuff, thanks!

Dave Offerman

Dave Offerman , Atlanta, GA,, United States (2/17/2018)


The order arrived in excellent condition. Thank you!


Patrick Pronovost, Port Orchard, WA, United States (2/16/2018)

"Shalom Igal Amit,

Yesterday I received the parcel in good order. Thank you very much for the goods and the quick delivery.

Yours sincerely,

Bas van Hooijdonk

Bas van Hooijdonk, Vlissingen, Zeeland, Netherlands (11/1/2018)

"Yes, I have received it. I received it today, November 1, 2018.
Thank you very much, and Shalom to all of you.
I will wear these with a lot of pride.
I am an Evangelical Christian, and support Israel, proudly!!
God Bless,
Bob Bramski

Bob Bramski, Greenwich, NY, United States (11/1/2018)


My order has just arrived! So quickly thank you. I will be ordering again from you soon.

Kind regards,


Jeremy Jasper, Llandudno, Conwy, United Kingdom (10/26/2018)

"Hi Igal,

Package arrived safe, thanks for the Golani t-shirt.


Shawn Hodges, Ottawa, ON, Canada (1/27/2018)

I received my ordered and the pin and dog tag cover looks great. It arrived sooner than I expected. Thank you so much. I definitely will keep doing business with you.
-Emmy "

Emmy Kirk, Delray Beach , FL, United States (1/25/2018)

"Hello Igal,
Today your shipment 3281 successfully arrives in Berlin.
Thank you for the prompt and fast delivery.
Greetings from the cold north of Europe.

Carsten Hinrichs

Carsten Hinrichs, Berlin, Germany (1/23/2018)


I just wanted to let you know I received this order (3278) today. Dog tag Cover looks great and I will definitely being business with you again. Thank you so much! Long live IDF!


Emmy Kirk, Delray Beach, FL, United States (1/18/2018)

"Shalom Aleichem.

Please take notice that the dog tag arrived in mint condition this morning via USPS. Nice job. I shall be ordering a third one with identical characteristics in the future.

Thank you kindly.

John D. Ginsberg PFC, USA, Ret W1JDG Whitman MA (7/18/2017)

"Shalom Igal,
The caps arrived today and I am delighted with them. I will for sure be placing more orders with your company.

David Zahary, Cresco, IA, United States (7/10/2017)

"Shalom Igal,

This is to confirm that the items arrived today and that I'm most pleased with them!

Thank you very much for excellent and speedy services,

Kind regards,


MIKE DAHLGREN, LUND, Sweden (6/8/2017)

"Shalom Igal,

My order arrived with everything is in perfect condition.

Thank you again for your outstanding customer service and great products.

Best wishes,

MICHAEL JACOBS, Reno, NV, United States (6/29/2017)

"Shalom Igal,

Thanks a lot for the info! I received my first order yesterday, and I am very pleased with my purchases.

All the best,
Kind regards,


Stéphane Arlt, Lausanne, Switzerland (6/29/2017)

"Shalom Igal,

I picked up the parcel at German Customs yesterday Everything is perfect - great stuff!
Many thanks for the gift, I truly appreciate it
Also the gloves, very good. The sizes are perfect, the trousers may be a bit large, but it's ok. Wearing is very comfortable.

Best regards

Ulrich Wittkopp, Hamburg, Germany (6/26/2017)

" ,

, .


Alexandre Krivitzky, Auriebat, France (6/14/2017)

"Hi Igal,
Just to let you know that I did get your package.
All the items were very nice (the only exception was the Six Day War ribbon which was satisfactory but it certainly wasnt new). Nevertheless, I was satisfied and I want to thank you very much.
Btw Is the War of Attrition ribbon also available with a safety bar on the back (like the six day war ribbon)?
Thank you.

Joseph Eliav, JERICHO, NY, United States (5/24/2017)

"Hello Igal,

Thank you very much for the shipment, it arrived on Wednesday 26th - very good time and all in perfect condition.

Regards, Andrew.

Andrew Crowley, Chesham, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom (5/2/2017)

"Hello Igal,

The package has arrived in good order.

Thank you.



Anne Kamps, Leiden, Netherlands (5/11/2017)

"Hi Igal,
I have received the three IDF badges and am very pleased with them.
Thanks and God Bless Israel (Genesis 12:3).
I have enclosed some of my favorite quotes for you.

Gene Klann, Ph.D.
LTC, US Army Retired
Vietnam and 1st Gulf War Veteran
Quotes to remember:
If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, then you are a leader. John Quincy Adams
Super heroes do not wear capes, they wear dog tags. Anon
Fate whispers to the warrior, You cannot withstand the storm, and the warrior whispers back, I am the storm! Anon
"The Spartans do not inquire how many of the enemy there are, only where they are. Plutarc

Gene Klann, Greensboro, NC, United States (4/12/2017)


My order arrived today. Thank you so so much!

Best wishes,

Emily Hartung, Acton, MA, United States (3/7/2017)

"Shalom Igal,
Just letting you know that I received the 3 patches today 22/2/2017. Excellent patches.
I would like to ask, on the border police patch what is the name of the building and what is written below the border police patch.
I am interested to know.
Again Igal thank you very much.

Greetings from Australia

Adrian Sramek, West Lakes, South Australia (2/22/2017)


I just want to confirm that I received delivery today and I am very happy with the quality of the product and also delivery time.

Thank you.

Best regards

Pavol Hanko, Bratislava, Slovakia (2/22/2017)

"Shalom Igal,

Thank you very much for the information. I truly appreciate it. As I am a member/volunteer of the South Australian Police Historical Society and Museum.
I have seen the border police on the news but have always wanted to know the meaning and the image. Thank you again.
Once again Igal I wish you and your team all the best for the future.
God Bless you all.

With Warm Regards from Australia,

Adrian Sramek, West Lakes, South Australia (2/22/2017)

"Igal: Thank you and have received the order. I am very impressed with everything and quality.
Thank you so very much...
Shalom. Hoz

Hoz Freitag, Quemado, NM, United States (2/21/2017)

"Shalom, order #3045 arrived and everything is good.. I will be doing business with you in a short time.
All the best to everyone at Israel-Forces.
Truly, George Kirschbaum

George Kirschbaum , Lincoln, DE, United States (2/1/2017)

The packages arrive on Saturday good deal!!
Richard Houf

Richard Houf, Fulton, MO, United States (12/13/2017)

Arrived today, happy with the product.

Jay-ramon Mete, Massey, New Zealand (11/9/2017)

"Shavua tov Igal Amit,

I am sending you this email as a confirmation of package reception! Thanks a lot, the pants is fitting me and the ruban is in perfect condition!

Kind regards,
Shmuel Lespes Cardillo

Shmuel Lespes Cardillo, London, United Kingdom (11/6/2017)

"I received the fatigue pants yesterday and now thanks to The Israeli Forces Team I have a complete uniform set for my Sar-El work.
I appreciate your wonderful and prompt service and look forward to continuing to order IDF items from your company.
Reno, Nevada

MICHAEL JACOBS, Reno, NV, United States (1/31/2017)

"Hi Amit,
Finally I received the order, when I went u to the post-office in Spain they just told me they couldn't find my address, what a joke.
I'm very pleased with the cap, it is a nice quality and as described.
Pleasure to do business with you
with kind regards,

Major John Erskine
Military Assist Command group

Major John Erskine, Military Assist Command group, Altea, Alicante, Spain (1/30/2017)

"Shalom Mr. Amit,
Sorry for the late reply.
I received my order #2991. I am very happy with the communication and speed of delivery of the items.
Thank you very much for all your kind help with my order, I will do business with The Israeli Forces again in the future.
I wish you and your team all the best in 2017.
Yours faithfully,
Patrick Roggen


Patrick Roggen, HOOGEZAND, Netherlands (1/3/2017)

"Hello Igal,
My order arrived today: fleece sweater, "watch" cap, and Sar-El tabs. Thank you again for your outstanding customer support and great products.
With best wishes and my gratitude,

MICHAEL JACOBS, Reno, NV, United States (1/26/2017)

"Dear Sir,
Just a short note to let you know that the subject mentioned order was delivered here on Monday, 16 January, 2017. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and assistance in tracking my order through the various national Postal Services.

Yours Sincerely

Jeanie Scott-Powell, Singleton, Australia (1/19/2017)

"Shalom Igal,
Today I received the two "bet" uniform shirts and 10 Sar-El tags. Thank you for attaching the Zahal tabs on the shirts!
Thanks again for your outstanding customer service.
It is a pleasure to do business with The Israeli Forces.
Very best wishes,

Michael Jacobs, Reno, Nevada USA (1/18/2017)

"Shalom Igal,
Yesterday I picked up the Sar-El dog tag covers at my post office. Thank you, they are beautifuuly made and the Sar-El volunteers will be proud to wear them.

Mike Jacobs, Reno, Nevada, United States (1/14/2017)

" ,
, .
, !

Ivan Ramos, Alicante, Alicante, Spain (9/5/2016)

"Thank you so much! The order just arrived and the party is tonight - perfect timing! My friend will really love it! Thanks again!
I don't know how to type it but 'Long Live Israel' and May your people continue to be blessed!


David Krieg, Burnsville, NM, United States (9/24/2016)

"Shalom Igal Amit
I received your parcel.
I am pleased for the purchase and for having had you as seller!

Best regards.

Fabio Taiariol presso Famiglia TAIARIOL, Lodi, Italy (8/29/2016)

"Shalom Igal,
Feedback on your website not working. So I must say "Thank you very much" by this way. Items are very nice and really fast shipping to the Czech Republic (4 days!).
Greetings to you and your beautiful country!

Antonin Bendik, Pisek, Jihocesky kraj, Czech Republic (8/1/2016)

"Hi Igal,

I have received the delivery you dispatched. @ 12:20 UTC Wednesday 8th June 2016.

Toda raba for the gift hat.


Michael Nicholls, Newcastleton, Borders, United Kingdom (6/8/2016)

"Shalom Igal Amit,
I have received my packaged I am very satisfied and I will continue buying from your store.

Levi Rodgers, Hallerndorf, Germany (6/27/2016)

"I have received my hat today. Thanks for the quick service!!!
I am going to buy some T shirts and other items in the near future.

I really like my hat.

Brad Richey, louisville, KY, United States (6/18/2016)

"Igal Amit,

I received both of my packages (order number 2810 and 2807) this week, and I am extremely pleased with them. I look forward to future purchases with your company. Thank you once again.


Roy Smith, Fort Worth, TX, United States (5/20/2016)


I want to inform you that I received packets, and I'm satisfied.
Thank you once again



Dusan Nikolic, Belgrade, Croatia, Serbia (4/6/2016)

"Hi Igal,

We received the package. Thank you so much!



Orley Desser, Chicago, United States (4/1/2016)

"Shalom Igal!
I've got my t-shirt today, man you guys are
Fast!!!! Did you send it by a F-15 Eagle???😊😊😊😊 Thank you very much!
Stefan Redin.

Stefan Redin, Bromma, Stockholm, Sweden (3/1/2016)

"Items arrived and in good condition.
Thank you


Mark Nicely, Daly City, CA, United States (2/6/2016)

"Shalom Amit.
J'ai bien reçu mon petit colis aujourd'hui.
Merci beaucoup pour le petit cadeau de Jérusalem cela m'a fait énormément plaisir
je vais le mettre sur mon bureau.
Dans l'attente d'une prochaine commande je vous dis à bientôt.
Amicalement Marc BONTE.
Shabbat shalom"

Marc Bonte, NANTERRE, France (2/5/2016)

"Shalom Igal Amit,
I just wanted to thank you for your items; I did receive them a few weeks ago. Please accept my apologies for not confirming the arrival of the items sooner; I have been very busy with work and personal life. However, I just wanted to confirm that I did receive the items and they are very lovely, I truly love them.
Always practice vigilance and please stay safe!

Arminda Pereira, STATEN ISLAND, NY, United States (2/25/2016)

I received. Thank you.
Best regards

Andrey Titov, Moscow, RUSSIA (2/24/2016)

"Order arrived this morning in good order, everything in excellent condition! Thanks!

William M Frederiksen, Wentzville, MO, United States (2/2/2016)

Recieved today.
Thanks for super fast shipping!

Mans Thuresson, Sweden (2/18/2016)

"Shalom Igal,
The package arrived today! Everything is in perfect condition and the packaging is excellent.
I'm impressed by the wonderful quality of your products as well as your great personal customer service.
I will volunteer in Israel with Sar-El this spring and will proudly wear my Israeli Forces dog tag cover.
Best wishes,

MICHAEL JACOBS, Reno, NV, United States (12/28/2016)

"Shalom, Mr. Amit. I received your package on Monday morning. Thank you for the delivery. "

Tanya Goesse, Dubuque, IA, United States (11/9/2016)

"Shalom Igal Amit
The Order has just been delivered.
Thank you very, very much

Knud Diekmann, SCHWEIZ, Switzerland (11/8/2016)

"All arrived today at 12.50 Italian time. Thanks a lot, the shipment was very fast.
Best regards,

Federico Lanzoni, Cremona, Italy (10/21/2016)

"Dear Igal,

My jacket was delivered today! I think you and the Israeli postal service broke a speed record. Only six days including weekend and New Year's Day, that is fast.
Thank you again for your service. I hope to buy again in the future.
Best regards,

PS thank you for sending it as a private person instead of a company. Because of this i had no import taxes to pay, not even customs clearance fee!

Jeroen Visschers, Rotterdam, Netherlands (1/6/2016)

"Shalom Mr. Amit,
Today I picked up the parcel at the customs office. This time they informed me about it. Everything is fine; the pins look great, thank you very much!
Just as a little tip, it might be easier if you put the bill or delivery information on the outside of the package, when sending stuff to Germany or EU.
Thanks again and have a good day!"

Gregor Roloff., (1/28/2016)

Thank you so much for a quality product that I received today. May God protect you and keep you all safe in the palm of His hand.

Dana Hatch, CORVALLIS, OR, United States (1/19/2016)

"Shalom Igal,
I received the package. Everything is in good condition. Thank you for extra key chains :)

Toda raba.
Regards & have a nice day

Jan Kamenar, Zilina, Slovakia (1/13/2016)

I received the first order last week of the Rimon and Financial crimes unit pins.
Let me say, the quality on each is FANTSTIC! Top notch, better than many military pins I have seen. The detail and build is very well done. I look forward to the second order of the Duvdevan logo pin.

PJ Maman, Chevy Chase, MD, United States (9/11/2015)

"All items received here in perfect condition today.
Thank you very much!

Gordon Shiach, Dunfermline, United Kingdom (8/29/2015)

"Hi Igal Amit!
I just wanted to announce that the package has arrived.
Unfortunately, the contact between us strangely not worked.
But it has definitely not deterred me from doing more business with you.
All things were super nice and will decorate my collection perfectly.

Tomas Berg, pite, Sweden (7/7/2015)

"Shalom to the Israeli Force Team:
I received my item from you today (Order 2462) and they look really great.
Thank you.

Gunther Von Hoffman, Susanville, CA, United States (7/4/2015)

Package arrived in good condition yesterday. Thank you.

Rik Kuhn, Captain, USN (Ret), Bothell, United States (7/14/2015)

"I have received the IDF identification tags without trouble as of a few minutes ago.
I am very highly impressed with the quality and the appearance of the tag, the inscriptions, and the style.
Thank you for allowing me to honor my brothers and sisters in the IDF by wearing their style of ID tag in addition to my own ID tags issued by the US Army.

John Ginsberg, WHITMAN, MA, United States (7/13/2015)

I received it a few days ago. What a blessed day! Words can't contain all this. Just know I am exceedingly thrilled. Thank You!Thank You!Thank You!Thank you!ThankYou!!!!!

Diana Mejia, GRAND PRAIRIE, TX, United States (6/24/2015)

"Both of them have arrived, well-packed and in perfect condition.
I'm happy to see that you now carry the IDF Combat Intelligence Collection Corps beret.

William M Frederiksen, Wentzville, MO, United States (6/21/2015)

"I finally received the wings, the USPS (United States Postal Service) is terrible they misdirected the parcel three times.
Anyway, pleasure doing business with you.
Best Regards,

Albert Ciprut,, North Bellmore, NY, United States (6/10/2015)

"Shalom Igal Amit,
Package arrived today.
Perfect condition.
Thank you,

Robert Yordan, Middletown, CT, United States (6/1/2015)

"Received the item this weekend.
Very nice.

F L T Verbrugh, Rotterdam, Netherlands (5/5/2015)

"Shalom Igal,
I received my purchase today, I am very happy.
I will defiantly be shopping on your site again,
Thank you for the great service,

Brian Turnbull, Wyoming, Australia (5/4/2015)

"To My Brothers and Sisters In Arms, Shalom:
I am pleased to say that the medals have arrived in good order at approximately 1500/3:00 pm, US Eastern Seaboard Time, Friday, 15 Mai.
It was a pleasure to do business with you. I am particularly pleased to have the "Flame of Knowledge" pin from Be'er Sheva University.
I look forward to doing business with you in future.
Sincerely yours,

Sigmund Kerns, Hamilton, OH, United States (5/16/2015)

"Dear "The Israeli Forces Service Team."

Thank you for your expedite handling of my order, which I with great
satisfaction received yesterday Thursday 30 April.

Thanks & regards.


Jan Steinvik, Levanger, Norway (5/1/2015)

I have just received the item I ordered and I am very pleased. It fits perfect. My Chabad Rabbi will be very pleased. My new kippa.

Rob Schweighardt, Arroyo Grande, CA, United States (3/9/2015)

Happy Purim!!
Just want to confirm that I received package today, March 5th.
Thanks again for such prompt delivery.

Susan Johansson, Briarwood, NY, United States (3/6/2015)

"Shalom, Happy Purim, Igal Amit
and Israel Forces. The order arrived today (USPS), PERFECT,
EXCELLENT, Toda Raba. Thank you for Border Patrol Pin...may God bless you Igal Amit, Israel Forces, and the State of Israel.

The Israel Forces store is Awesome, Great, Excellent, and the honor to the State of Israel.
Good Prices, Honest, Reliable, Great Israeli product. Nothing here
(USA), comes anywhere like Israel Forces.
I will do business with The Israeli Forces again in the future.......

David B. Rubin , Toms River, NJ, United States (3/5/2015)

"Dear Israeli Forces;
This is to inform you that my order # 2369 arrived today and everything was in good order.
Thank you for your quick service.
Zissen Pesach.


Emil Karl Yesse, Wynantskill, NY, United States (3/26/2015)

"Badge received safely- very nice item.


Steve mason, London, United Kingdom (3/24/2015)

"Shalom Igal,
My order came yesterday, sorry I didn't have time to answer.
Everything is great, thanks again.
Best regards,

Dusan Nikolic, Belgrade, Croatia, Serbia (3/21/2015)

"Package is in good order recieved.



Robert Jan van Doodewaard, Capelle aan den IJssel, Netherlands (3/21/2015)

"Arrived this morning, well - packed and complete.
Thanks for the great service!

William M Frederiksen, Wentzville, MO, United States (3/13/2015)

"The order arrived this morning in pristine condition...everything exceeded my expectations!

William M Frederiksen, Wentzville, MO, United States (3/10/2015)

"Shalom Mr. Igal Amit,
I have received this morning the packet of my order 2352. All OK and very fast!
So, thank you and best regards.

Roberto ROTOLO, Milano, Italy (3/10/2015)

"Hello, today I got the package, excellent boots; I am very pleased, thank you for the gift!!"

Mario Skrtic, Generalski stol, karlovac, Croatia (2/25/2015)

"Shalom Igal,
Thank you very much for such prompt delivery time.
I will let you know when package arrives.

Susan Johansson, Briarwood, NY, United States (2/24/2015)

"Shalom Igal, Hallo, (We use to say in Norway).
Yes- thank you, I got the items, it's very nice, I like the marks.
Whish you good luck in your business and have a happy future.
And one more thing- hope IDF removes IS from the earth, curry on.
Frendly- Ivar

Ivar Geithung, Oslo, Norway (2/19/2015)

"Shalom Igal Amit,
Everything arrived safely.
Thanks for fast response and delivering excellent quality!
God bless,

Peter Montfort, Gevelsberg, Germany (2/15/2015)

"Thank you, once again, for your swift reply and handling. It was nice buying from you.
May 2016 be a prosperous year for your company and bring health and happiness to your family and friends!

Jeroen Visschers, Rotterdam, Netherlands (12/30/2015)

"Shalom mes amis
j'ai reçu le colis N2624 aujourd'hui et je vous en remercie
Très cordialement


Marc Bonte, NANTERRE, France (12/28/2015)

"Shalom Igal,

Thank you so much for all of your help. I cant wait to surprise my father. He is going to be so happy! Thank you for making this possible.

Kol Tov,


Sarah Benchimol, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (12/14/2015)

"Shalom cher ami
J'ai bien reçu le blouson et j'en suis très satisfait. Comme d'habitude vos services
sont à la hauteur des exigences du client. Colis très bien emballé et les articles
que vous vendez sont de qualité irréprochable ( Ce blouson c'est pour mon anniversaire
qui est le 10 novembre je être très fier de le porter )
Merci encore pour tout.
très sincèrement, amitiés"

marc bonte, NANTERRE, France (11/8/2015)

"Shalom Igal.
I received my order yesterday.
Everything is fine. It was a real pleasure for me to buy from your store.
Thank you very much for the good service and for the Nahal brigade embroidered shoulder patch :).

Shabbat Shalom.

Antonio Strillacci, Freudenburg, Germany (11/13/2015)

"Received my hat today.. its perfect.
Thank you!!


Moss Jacobs, Skokie, United States (10/24/2015)

"Shalom Igal,

To day I received the package.
Thank you very mach.

We stand with Israel.

Servatius Honee, Voerendaal, Netherlands (10/22/2015)

"I received the delivery ... Thank you very much, it was so fast... I will come back "

Maor Edri, Jerusalem, ISRAEL (10/2/2015)

Your Mail (two patches) arrived yesterday.
Many thanks.
Greetings from a cold and rainy Berlin,

Thomas Rosenberg, Berlin, Germany (1/27/2015)

"Shalom lgal: After -15"

Hoz Freitag, Quemado, New Mexico, United States (1/24/2015)

"Thanks very much :-),
Parcel already arrived. It's gonna be as a part of my airsoft equipment.
Best Regards

Petr Kratochvil, Veseli nad Moravou, Czech Republic (9/30/2014)

"Hello, the items arrived today,
Many thanks and many thanks for the gift much appreciated,

Gareth Wilson, Birmingham, United Kingdom (9/28/2014)

"Hi got the pants in the mail yesterday and they are a perfect fit, thanks again for all your help.


Richard Reinle, huntsville, AL, United States (9/28/2014)



"Many thanks for the prompt dispatch of my order which I received today. I will be placing another one very soon.
My regards"

Philip Murphy, Ardley, Bicester, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom (4/27/2014)

"I am pleased to inform you that the vest arrived today. I am shocked how quickly it arrived. It looks fantastic, and I foresee using it often. I have been very impressed by your customer service right from the beginning. I will for sure look at purchasing other products from you in the future, as well as recommend your site to others.
Thank you very much.
P.S. Thank you for the included token.

Christopher Korbel, Saskatoon, Canada (4/18/2014)

"My order arrived this morning, all perfect and correct in every detail. Exactly what I wanted, and exceeded expectations!
Thank you and Happy Passover!

Bill Frederiksen, Wentzville, MO, United States (4/16/2014)

"Shalom, Igal and other Israeli-Forces store team!
Today I've received my parcel from you! So I just want to say that I am very satisfied, I like everything that you sent to me!
Todah once more!
You're sincerely, Vladislav!

Vladislav Moshnin, Portoroz, Slovenia (2/12/2014)

"I received them yesterday! Thanks, we will stay warm in New York this winter!"

Amanda Herring, New York, NY, United States (12/5/2014)

"Shalom Igal,

I just got the parcel
Thank you very much for your help!

Hugh Conlee, Huber Heights, OH, United States (12/4/2014)

"Hello Igal,
Just to let you know that the second jacket has arrived safely .Our son is also delighted with it.
Again, many thanks for your excellent service.
I wish you a Happy and Prosperous 2015.

Elizabeth Wilson, West Calder, West Lothian, United Kingdom (12/28/2014)


it arrived. (The two pants.)

Many thanks for your great effort,


Thomas Rosenberg, berlin, Germany (12/2/2014)

I received the dog tags today and they look AWESOME. Thank you so much.



Michael Goldner, Charlotte, NC, United States (12/19/2014)

"Dear Amit
I got your package yesterday and everything is OK!
Thank You
Best regards

Ivan Sarcevic, Warszawa, Poland (12/19/2014)

I have received today the two winter hats, thanks a lot!
They are perfect for our cold temperatures in Switzerland"

Daniele Rosina, Langenthal, Switzerland (12/19/2014)

"Got the hat. It looks great! Just what I wanted. Many thanks.


Carl Samrock, Burbank, CA, United States (12/17/2014)

"Shalom Igal,

I did receive the package you sent last week. Thank you so much and I hope you had a most happy Hanukkah. I look forward to doing business with you again.


Michael Collins, Cleveland, TX, United States (12/17/2014)

"Dear Sirs,
Just to let you know that the jacket arrived safely today.
My husband is very happy with it - it is to replace one he got many years ago.
Our son likes it also so I will be ordering another very soon.
Many thanks for your speedy service.
Best Wishes,

Elizabeth Wilson, West Calder, West Lothian, United Kingdom (12/16/2014)

I received the items you sent me.
I am very satisfied.
Thanks for the gift.

Marco Moriconi, Aprilia, Italy (11/8/2014)

Many thanks for the order which arrived today, as usual I'm very pleased with the items!
Thanks again, until next time, stay safe

Mike Dahlgren, LUND, Sweden (11/27/2014)

"All items received today.
Very nice. Also, thank you for the extra gift - Joe

Joseph Botnick , Atlanta, GA, USA (11/26/2014)

"Dear Igal Amit,

This is to let you know that I received the ordered items on 3 Nov.
I opened it just two days ago and everything was alright.
Thank you very, very much for the two additional pieces!!

Kindest regards from Hamburg, Germany,

Jörg Prescher, Hamburg, Germany (11/23/2014)

"Shalom Cher Ami.
J'ai bien reçu ma commande (N"

Marc BONTE, NANTERRE, France (11/12/2014)

"Shalom Igal Amit,
Thank you for the special gift. I have fetched the parcel on 27th of October from the customs and I have to apologize for writing so late. The postal tracking was really helpful and I could fallow it"

Hauke Schmidt , Hannover, Germany (11/10/2014)

"Shalom Igal Amit,
With this e-mail I confirm the arrival off my order.
Thank you very much for your prompt delivery.
Kind Regards,

Servé Honée | Alert & Safe, Voerendaal, Netherlands (11/10/2014)

"Shalom. Today I received my order and am very happy with how fast it arrived.
Thanks also for sending me a Hagor jacket. I know their quality is excellent.
Pleasure doing business with you.

Susan C Johansson, Jamaica, NY, United States (10/30/2014)

"Thanks so much!
The order arrived today.
Cheers / Shalom

Timothy Powala, Muenchen, Germany (10/30/2014)

"Shalom Igal Amit,
The socks came, they"

Ben Zaritz, Oak Park, IL, United States (10/3/2014)

"Thank you for my order along with the "gift" T-shirt which I received last month once I returned from Afghanistan.
Look forward to the next order,
Best Regards,"

Louis Koncz, Temecula, CA, USA (10/15/2014)

Sorry for late reply, I was away and couldn't check whether the package
arrived or not. But yes it has. Thank you very much for an excellent
customer service.
Kind regards,

Dominik Lau, Guildford, United Kingdom (1/7/2014)

"Shalom Igal,
Orders #1708 and #1709 got to me today and everything is excellent. Thank you for the great service and once I have everything together I will take some pictures and send them to you and your team.
Thank you"

Keith Slater, Southend Essex, United Kingdom (8/6/2013)

"Shalom Mr Amit,
I received order #1661 today that was the two hats, they are very nice and the shipment was fast, thank you!

Daniel Veal, APO, AE, United States (6/7/2013)

"Shalom Igal,
I have received everything today.
Thank you very much for the gift keychain!
Everything is very very nice and the uniform fit me very well.
Thank you very much and I am looking forward doing more businesses with you in the future.

Di Lu, Nova Scotia, Canada (6/26/2013)

"(Shabbat) Shalom Igal,
Today I have picked up my order and I am very pleased.
Thank you very much for the "gift" too, a very nice surprise.
I am going to order again from you soon.

David Nagy, Oradea, Romania (5/3/2013)

"Greetings Igal,
Just wanted to let you know that I received my order today. I am amazed at how quickly it arrived. (it only took 3 days) that has got to be a new record shipping time from Israel. Everything was perfect, the Paratrooper boots fit perfectly and they are really comfortable. Thank You so much for the GIFT. The socks are Awesome and I really do appreciate them, everything was just GREAT. Thank You Igal for all your hard work You Are Definitely the BEST! I will be ordering more soon. Hope your day is filled with Blessings

Thomas Murphy Jr, United States, KY (4/25/2013)

"Dear Igal Amit.
My order, Serial No. 1538, arrived at my home here in Australia this morning. I would like to thank you and the team for your prompt action in sending my order to me.
Yours Faithfully"

Geoff Powell, Whittingham, Australia (2/6/2013)

Received my socks today....And the Pendant (Thank You) The socks (The Mountain Gear trek Heavy Duty Socks) are the highest quality that I have ever worn in my life. And I buy very expensive socks. These are the very best.
I look forward to ordering more clothing from you.....Thanks Again.

Paul Hudson, Texarkana, TX, United States (2/1/2013)

"Thanks so much for my order 1823 it arrived today 24 December 2013 in excellent condition. You did a wonderful job getting it to me so fast. Know I will definitely buy from you again. Wishing you a happy New Year from America.

Richard Wahl, Farmingville, NY, United States (12/31/2013)

"Shalom Igal,
Today order 1810 was already delivered. Extreme fast!!!
I am very satisfied and will be ordering much more in the Future. Yesterday I already placed a new order (1817).
Kind regards form a cold Netherlands,

Patrick van Hulst, Duiven, Holland (11/30/2013)

Everything has arrived safely.
Thank you very much for your excellent customer service.
Kind regards,

Graham Spicer, South Croydon, United Kingdom (10/25/2013)

"Shalom Igal,
I am happy to let you know that the parcel arrived Tuesday evening.
Thank you very much for your kind services.
Kindest regards,

Jörg Prescher, Wien, Austria (9/27/2012)

The package arrived super fast at Portugal, it arrived on day 5.
I had to go to the customs to pick up the package and only
Yesterday I had time to go.
The helmet rubber cover fits perfectly on my idf helmet.
Many thanks for the excellent and friendly service.
I will buy again.
Best regards from Portugal.

Fernando Santos, Amadora, Portugal (9/14/2012)

"Dear Igal Amit,
I received the package in full today. It got delivered on Friday believe it or not (i thought it was very fast nice work), to my post office but they didn't open till today for me to get it. I am extremely happy with everything that was sent, everything fits, and will serve me well. Also, Thanks for the hat I appreciate it. I will tell all of my friends here in Texas that if they need any military surplus from Israel, Israeli-Forces is the address. Once again, awesome service great products - I am a happy camper.
Take care and I look forward to ordering more things from you that I have in mind in the near future.

Gad Pratt, TX, United States (6/26/2012)

"Thank you very much I have received my order, extra thanks for the flag it is in my car already. Having served in the IDF and now serving in the US Army, I wanted my service reminders and I may even get to wear them on my Dress uniform here.
Thank you for making it happen

Zachary Howard, El Paso , TX, United States (6/17/2012)

"Got package today and it looks great, thank you so much. If you have any fire department T-shirts please advice. Again thank you for a great job."

Gad Reiser, Smithfield, VA, United States (6/15/2012)

"Hi Igal,
Just wanted to let you know I received my package today and everything was perfect. Thank You for the fast shipping. You and Your Team always do a GREAT JOB.

Thomas Murphy Jr, United States, KY (5/20/2012)

"Dear Igal,
Just a testimony of a happy customer:
It's minus 15 degrees Celsius over here with a wind chill down to minus 20. Even after a few hours outdoors my "Dubon parka" keeps me warm. Excellent jacket for cold weather!
Best regards,

Jeroen, Rotterdam, Netherlands (2/7/2012)

"Dear Mr. Igal Amit,
Shalom and greetings from Singapore.
The package arrived. Thank you once again for the gift "

Cher Hiang Heng, Singapore, Singapore (2/13/2012)

"Hello Shmuel,
I received the packet on Dez. 11. The items were in best condition and I wasn't charged any customs-fee.
Weather here is horrible so I can (have to) wear the warm hats almost daily.
Shalom veChag Sameach
Peter "Pel" Simon

Peter Simon, Hanau, Germany (12/16/2012)

"Hello Israeli forces team,
The three caps are reached me today. I look forward to further business.
Thank you very much
Shalom and Happy Hanukkah

Tom Kutzscher, Leipzig, Germany (12/15/2012)

"Shalom Igal,

Just to let you know that the Hermonit suit turned up this morning.

I am very very pleased with it, as you said the larger fit is indeed better to allow movement, it is much warmer also than I thought it would be, just what I need for the winter coming up & the quality of the genuine issue Hermonit is much better than the other versions for sale.

Thank you very much for all your kind help with my order.

I look forward to ordering again from you soon
Kindest regards,"

Ted Harte, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom (11/3/2012)

"Shalom Igal,
I received my delivery yesterday. I am very happy with the quality of the merchandise and how quickly I got this order.
Toda Rabah.

Susan C Johansson, Briarwood, NY, United States (11/20/2012)

"Dear Igal and the rest of the team, my fatigue uniform set has just arrived. It's a very good quality uniform. I can't wait to wear it. I'm so happy that I have been able to shop with you, and believe me you have earned a return customer."

Joel Robbins, Akron, Ohio, United States (1/19/2012)

"Hi Igal,
Just wanted to let know I received my package today, once again I am completely satisfied. Thank you for the quick shipping and excellent products. Israeli-Forces Team is the Best. Will be ordering more very soon.

Thomas Murphy Jr, United States, KY (9/3/2011)

The package arrived safely. Thanks again for your great service. I really appreciate that you were willing to sell me the backing material sheets.
Thanks again

Jeffrey Kuipers,Papillion, NE, United States (9/26/2011)

"Hi Igal,
I've forgotten to confirm its arrival. The goods arrived a week ago.
I am very happy and hope I can suggest your site to my friends.

Danilo Chammas, São Paulo, Brazil (9/20/2011)

"I got it in today. Your service is excellent. Thanks so much for everything."

Sarah Engel, Las Vegas, NV, United States (9/19/2011)

Your prompt service is very much appreciated. I will let you know once I receive the package."

Patrick Pang , Singapore, Singapore (8/2/2011)

"Package arrived today...thank you for your speedy service."

David Rosenthal, FL, USA (7/6/2011)

"Hi, the parcel arrived today.
Excellent products and service.
Thank you!"

Wan Chun Lo, Hong Kong, Hong Kong (7/30/2011)

"To: The Israeli Forces Team.
Hi Igal,
My order has been delivered. I got it on June 14th. Thank you very much for the quality and it fits excellent. And thank you for the gift.
I hope Gilad Shalit soon will be released.
I can still remember the day of the attack and kidnapping, and the attack on the patrol 2 weeks latter on the border to Lebanon.

My next order is already in plan.

John Jensen, Ishøj, Denmark (6/16/2011)

"To: The Israeli Forces Team

Our order arrived today in excellent condition. Thank you very much.

Ralph & Judy Allswede, MI, USA (6/10/2011)

"Hi Igal,
Thank you very much for the delivery.
The Fatigue Uniform arrived Friday.
The Uniform fit perfectly and it is in very good quality.
I am already planning my next order.
Shalom "

John Jensen, Ishøj, Denmark (5/29/2011)

"Hi Igal
The order arrived today, thanks for the mini flag. The name tag is very nice, it was worth the wait.

Dale Dermick, JHB, South Africa (5/15/2011)

"Hello, I'm confirming the arrival of the package as you asked. Thank you for the free T-Shirt everything was great, and as I ordered it. I'll definitely shop with you again. Thank you so much! "

Stephen VanBuren, United States, New York (2/9/2011)

"Dear Igal,
Just to let you know that my package arrived today. Everything was in good order, be'seder. The quality of your products is excellent. I must explain that these items complete the required details for my Purim outfit, in which I wish to portray General Moshe Dayan."

Barry Greenhalgh, United States, Connecticut (2/26/2011)

"Hi Igal, Tonight (Wednesday 21st) I have received your parcel in perfect order! According to the track-and-trace it left Israel by air mail on the 15th. So that's very quick!
The coat fits perfectly and is nice and warm. I am sure it will keep me warm during the Dutch winters. I also wish to thank you especially for your gift! It is greatly appreciated!
Thank you,
Happy holiday season,"

Jeroen, Rotterdam, Netherlands (12/22/2011)

"Hi Igal,
items arrived yesterday, many thanks, I am very pleased!
Will certainly return for another order later on.
Take care, kind regards

Mikael Dahlgren, Lund, Sweden (12/11/2011)

"Hello Igal,
items arrived day before yesterday - excellent, very happy with them. Thanks for fast and good service! I will return shortly with a new order.
Kind regards,"

Mikael Dahlgren,LUND, Sweden (11/7/2011)

"Hello Igal,
The package arrived in good order !
Very, very nice patches ! Thank you again for your quality service, really appreciated. I will surely keep an eye on your site and if I see something new of interest, will definitely order from you again. Sincerely,"

Dirk Merckx, Belgium (11/6/2011)

"Hi again Igal
Thank you very much for the shipment of the "Hermonit" coverall, I just took it today from the customs.
It's perfect and I really enjoy it a lot.
Thanks so much, I hope we'll do some more business in the future.
Best regards

Strahimir Naydenov, Sofia, Bulgaria (11/30/2011)

"Hello: Just wanted to let you know that I received my shipment. Thank you so much and I look forward to doing business with you again."

Bobby Dixon, Georgia , USA (11/3/2011)

"Hallo and thanks, it has arrived to me real fast keep up the good work  "

Roland Kunc, Stockholm, Sweden (11/15/2011)

"Hello Igal,
I received my T-shirts today. They are perfect, excellent quality! And, thank you very much for the Israel banner.
Best regards,

Fred Reitz, Melbourne, Florida, United States (11/14/2011)

"Hi Igal,
The delivery arrived today. It was all right. Thank you for the good service and the nice gift.
Until next time.
Peter, Shalom

Peter Oerter, Homburg, Germany (11/10/2011)

"Hi, I confirm the arrival. The pack is received. Thank you very much for the item and for the service. Currently it was the best support service I've ever had 8)))))
Thank you once again!

Olga Vassiljeva,Tallinn,Estonia (11/1/2011)

My "Raful" hat arrived today; it's exactly what I was expecting for! Great!
Thanks a lot for your excellent service!
Kind regards."

Stéphane Alrt, Lausanne, Switzerland (10/17/2011)

"My order arrived on time, in good condition and was exactly what I ordered. Thank you."

C Wayne Potter, Baytown, TX, United States (10/15/2011)

"I was starting to worry but if finally came in today. I wasn't sure what kind of quality a Mitznefet would be having never seen one physically but it was well worth the wait and money. Thank you for providing such a great product.


James,USA (9/26/2010)

"Hi Igal,
many thank's for your calling and your professionalism. I am very satisfied for your help and I would not miss to contact you again for the other articles.

Best regards from France


Michael Gojon, Selestat, France (9/21/2010)

"Hi Scott
Thank you so much for the help with the dog tag. It's great, I wish more companies had a person who was as helpful as you.
Shana Tova to you, your family & friends


"this is my way to show support for the jewish people in israel and around the world."

Raymond, U.S.A. (9/13/2010)

"Hi Scott,
I went over to check my mailbox today and found the three items that I had ordered, along with a little gift. So thank you very much for that and also for your excellent service.
I am very glad to have found an Israeli insignia dealer that offers such a perfect service (quite frankl, I have sometimes experienced otherwise with other companies in the past). So I will surely be back for more."

Remco, Netherlands (9/12/2010)

"Hi Scott

I received the order yesterday thanks very much. I like the way it was packed very profesional.

Thanks for Tavor badge it is very cool, it will match my miniture one.


Dale, JHB, South Africa (8/28/2010)

"Dear Igal, My order (#636) arrived today in good condition. Thank You very much. Best Regards,"

S.R. Cohen, United States, Florida (8/21/2010)

Package has arrived.
Thanks for excellent service!
Best regards
Morten Haavik

Morten, Norway. (7/5/2010)

"Order arrived yesterday. Great service - fast and friendly. Thank you for the bonus items. You guys know the meaning of customer satisfaction. Take care, and I look forward to doing more business with you.
You can post my feedback on your website; I appreciate your customer service. It is something that has been lost in to-days fast paced world, and it was very refreshing to deal with you and the Israeli forces team."

James Harrson, United States, NY (7/22/2010)

"I received my order. Fast as usual. Thank you very much. The mag couplers were not the ones I thought, but that is my fault for not specifying. Everything else is perfect.

Thanks again for the awesome service. look forward to doing business with you again.

Please feel free to post my feedback on your website. I can make it more glamorous if it would help simply because it is true. You guys are the best."

Rory Sherony, U.S.A. MO (7/16/2010)

"Hello Scott,
Order # 596 For uniform,belt,and gloves arrived this morning 10:30 on 07/10/10.
All items look very nice, I'm amazed at how easy and fast you all make on line
overseas shopping.By the way in this shipment I found a nice camo colored hat
that I hadn't ordered.If it was meant as a bonus thank you so much,if not just let
me know what I owe for it.Any way thank you, thank you, thank you.
Best regards,

John Acevedo, U.S.A. (7/13/2010)

I just wanted to let you know that the order arrived this morning and everything was fine. I'm looking forward to getting more items in the future as well as letting my friends know about you. Thank you!"

Robert Thomas (6/6/2010)

"I received the uniform today 26/6/2010 at 10:00 morning Texas time.
I'm very pleased with the uniform, and the speedy shipping and handling
of my order.You will be receiving another order from me very soon.
Best Wishes,
John Acevedo
Sar-El volunteer"

John, U.S.A. (6/27/2010)

"Hello, i received my order today, i love it!!! toda.
we were very happy with the communication & speed of delivery of the item. Also the engraving was perfect."

Carol S. - United Kingdom (6/23/2010)

"I don't know how to begin. I have been burned before looking for Israeli stuff on ebay so I was a bit hesitant to buy from ya'll. When I saw that everything was new and of great quality I knew that it was worth it and that I had found the right people. Oh and thanks for the flag. I wasn't expecting that."

James Pacheco, U.S.A. (6/14/2010)

"Hey there,
Just received my shipment today, all is fine. thanks for the free dog tag cover.
It was a pleasure to buy from you and will do again.

Josh Workman (6/1/2010)

"Just wanted to let you know that I received my order today . I am very pleased and happy with it. The pants fit me perfectly and are top quality, also thank you very much for the IDF pin and the Israel Flag, I will be displaying it proudly at my home. I will definately be ordering more merchandise from you and the Israeli-Forces Team.
Thank You Very Much,"

Tommy Murphy Jr. U.S.A. (5/9/2010)

"Hey Scott,
Thanks for the site i lost a bunch of my pins when i left the army im just glad that theres a site that allowed me to grab these things especially since im here back in the states. Once again thanks again."

Daniel Friedman, U.S.A. (5/30/2010)

"That's great! You give the best and most friendly service! May I ask where your shop is?"

Joachim J. - Berlin, GERMANY (5/30/2010)

"The best store to Israeli accoutrements. Absolute satisfaction.Quickly and exact."

Lubomir Kralovsky, Czech Republic (5/12/2010)

"Thank you very much. I have received my oder and I am well pleased. again thanks."

D.F. Carter, U.S.A. (4/27/2010)

The Pins/Badges I ordered safely arrived today. I am completely satisfied with the material I received as well as the attention that I was given by Scott and Igal. I look forward to placing my next order. Be well."

Howie, USA (3/12/2010)

"Dear Scott and Igal,
It was a pleasure to find and purchase the Israeli Army material from your store. The correspondence from your support staff, their information and advice as well as the quality of my purchases led me to make my second order. I will continue to deal with your organization. Shalom,

Howie - NJ USA (2/5/2010)

"Hi Scott!
Thanks a lot for your reply.
Your mail is very much appreciated, as none of the other online retailers of Dubons were any help."

Ksper, Denmark. (2/26/2010)

"I have just received the parcel containing the order. All was correct so I"

Luis E.R.D, SPAIN (2/25/2010)

"The staff here is amazing and the uniforms are fantastic! I would definitely shop here again and recommend it to others."

Alison, U.S.A. (2/23/2010)

"Great Product and it came super quick I will be ordering again real soon.


South Africa"

Steve, South Africa (2/21/2010)

"Thank you
i got packet from your shop
thank you very much , i like it."

Roiez Gunawann - Indonesia (2/21/2010)

"Dear Igal,
The package arrived safely on Monday. I was quite impressed by the quickness, given the fact that the package had been posted only two working days before. I also appreciate the two gifts (I count the bag as the second).
Have a great time.
Best regards,

Tomas, Czech Republic, Prague (12/22/2010)

"Dear Igal,
The package has arrived today. Thank you very much for the excellent service.
Best regards,


Valerio, Winterthur, Switzerland (12/14/2010)

"Hi Israeli Forces team, the canteen pouches arrived today.
Thank you for the quick shipping.
The pouches are excellent!!!

John Gayley, United States, Clayton, Delaware, (11/26/2010)

"Dear Igal,
Thank you very much. I appreciate all your assistance. I've ordered a few times from you and I have always received Great items and Fantastic Service. I do look forward to receiving the items.

Take Care and Best Regards,


Christopher Smith. United States ,Westminster, Colorado (11/18/2010)

"Dear Israeli Forces Team,

Yesterday I enquired after the shipping status of my order, but this morning I found the package in de mail.
As on the previous occasion, I was again very pleased with the items itself, as well as with the good sturdy packing. Couldn't be better.
So I guess you have a new regular customer!
Thanks again and best regards.

Remco van Halen, Netherlands (10/8/2010)

"To Whom It May Concern,
This is Reginald Lancaster. Just contacting to let you know that Order number 753 (IPS serial number RA215593019IL) has been received. My cell phone fits in both pouches perfectly. I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you!!!

Reginald Lancaster


Reginald Lancaster, United States, TN (10/14/2010)

"Hi Scott, Igal and everyone at Israeli-Forces,
Just wanted to let you know I received my package on Tuesday and just wanted to say THANKS! Everything was perfect, and Thanks for the special. I always feel like you all give something extra special when you ship a package to me and I really appreciate it. I will continue buying from you for sure as well as continuing to support Israel whenever I can.


Thomas Murphy Jr, United States, KY (10/14/2010)

"Hi their! I get my order #750; I had to pick it up from the customs it stuck there for some days (therefore the long delivery time).
I am very satisfied with the stuff and THANKS A LOT for the "personal dressing" gift!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I am save the money for my next order, hope soon as well.

Many greetings from Germany and shalom for Israel,


Thomas Korb, Leipzig, Germany (10/13/2010)

""I can say that the availability and the courtesy of the Israeli Forces Team has been absolutely great.

The care they have of their customers is really superb.

I can just suggest to become customer of Israeli Forces: you will be not disappointed".

Luca - Scotland (1/19/2010)

"Hi Igal,
Everything show up today and it's all there thank you for your hard work!"

Clint (9/15/2009)

"I received it. Thanks for your response. i will definitely purchase from you again..."

Mike (3/16/2009)

The lovely shirt arrived today. Thanks very much for your
prompt and courteous service. Good luck to you all.
Kind Regards and Shalom"

Mark (3/14/2008)

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