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The state of Israel is well known throughout the world for its excellent military and police forces. Since it was established in 1948, Israel has known many wars and security incidents that jeopardize more than once its very existence. From the Independence War to the latest Intifadah, the Israeli forces have stood against anyone who tried to hurt the Jewish people, in courage, pride and remarkable devotion. Due to its achievements, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have become famous throughout the world, and its units have become Israel's symbols and pride: The Israeli Air Force - which is considered one of the best air forces in the world, the Israeli Commando Forces - which are known for their successful special operations, the Israeli Intelligence Corps which are the eyes and the ears of the country, and many more.  
The Israeli Forces
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Rikushet TA
Levinski 108,
Central Bus Station,
Tel-Aviv, Israel

Shmuel Amit, "The Israeli Forces" founder, served the Israeli army as a fighter in the Golani brigade and participated in several wars such as the six days war, the 73' war (Yom Hakipurim war) and the Lebanon war in 1982. For a special military operation in a Syrian territory in 1962, Shmuel was given a citation for courage and self-sacrifice when saving a friend's life during a battle. In 1993, Shmuel has opened a successful store in Tel-Aviv's central bus station for selling military and police equipment and gear. Among the store's clients are famous TV series such as "Tironut" and "Knafaim". Famous theater productions of "Habima", Ha-Kameri" etc. had purchased the costumes of soldiers and all the necessary background equipment in this shop. In May 2005, Shumel initiated a Web Site to answer a growing world wide demand for IDF and Israel's Police symbols and equipment.

This Web Site offers a unique variety of symbols, uniform, military equipment, souvenirs and collectors items in unbeatable low prices. A lot of thought was put in designing this web site, to make sure you find what you are looking for quickly and easily. This Web Site is stored in a secured and protected server that guarantees a safe purchase. Our team is ready to give you the best service, and is always glad to help.

We will be glad to get your comments, and answer any question you might have concerning our Web Site and its content.

Enjoy your visit,
The Israeli Forces team:
Management and development: Mr. Ofer Amit

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